Peaceful and charming are words that best describe the Southampton (SoHa) neighborhood.

Tree-lined streets composing a 1-square mile area feature a variety of architectural styled homes including Arts & Crafts, Four Square and Neo-Tudors Homes. You'll see porches with plants, art glass windows gleaming, and many homes with hardwood floors. Neighbors are within walking and biking distance of a vibrant business district that features cafes, delis, restaurants, a theatre, art gallery, grocery stores, a library and more. 

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In 2009, the River Front Times named Southampton as the #1 Place to Live in the St. Louis Metro Area.

Particularly in the 25-35 age bracket, SoHa is a top residential area for families. The first homes were built around 1905.  The most popular, the brick “Arts and Crafts” homes, were primarily built in the 1930. The neighborhood was named after the original building supervisors native town of Southampton, England, and it's common to see streets with an English flair like Nottingham, Devonshire, Murdoch, and Sutherland. 

Early residents of the beautiful area carried water to their homes from a spring at Nottingham and Kingshighway until the water main was constructed. At one time, Southampton had been considered as a prime location for the 1904 World’s Fair, but the lack of adequate transportation facilities bumped it out of the running. 

Today the area is teaming with families who enjoy the many beautiful parks, restaurants, and shops.

Located in the Southwestern region of St. Louis city between Chippewa, Hampton, Kingshighway, and Eichelberger, Southampton is home to a growing population. It is within easy distance to Grant's Farm (historic home and unique animal farm of the Anheuser-Busch family), Forest Park, and the Missouri Botanical Gardens. Main hubs withing the Southampton neighborhood include the Macklind Avenue Business District, which has top-notch restaurants and small businesses like Russell's restaurant and SoHa Art Gallery, and Willmore Park, just south on Hampton.

The historic homes in Southampton each were reported to take at least a year to construct and have stood the test of time for quality building. 

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