When Henry Shaw discovered this area in 1840, it was an expansive natural prairie.

He built his country home, Tower Grove House, then began planning and creating the magnificent Missouri Botanical Gardens. Shaw dabbled in residential development and Flora Place, now the heart of the Shaw neighborhood, was his showcase for this area.

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Shaw is in the heart of the Garden District and contains a variety of housing.

The homes in Shaw range from elegant, grand homes to spacious multifamily dwellings and apartments. Many churches, schools and businesses also call Shaw home. Residents enjoy a great dog park, the Historic Shaw Art Fair, and quick access to the Botanical Gardens and Tower Grove Park as well as Highway 44. A historic preservation area, the homes in Shaw are beautiful, unique and many are in the midst of a renovation renaissance. Neighbors are in close walking distance to farmers’ markets, band concerts, restaurants, bakeries, barbers, health services and retail shopping both in Shaw and in the adjacent South Grand Boulevard area. Saint Louis University (SLU) hospital, medical, and nursing buildings are just across the highway on Grand.

Shaw became a Certified Local Historic District in 1985.

Henry Shaw and Mary Tyler, the two original landowners, owned the land in the mid-1800's that would become the Shaw Neighborhood. Shaw and Tyler agreed by deed to promote the “general improvement” of their lands by opening Shaw, Flora and Tower Grove Avenues. This deed also prohibited the construction of factories or other “nuisances” that plagued other subdivisions in the city. Most of the neighborhood was developed between 1890 and 1915. 

Victorians, Art Decos, Arts and Crafts, Georgian and English Tudor are just a few of the architecture genres.

The mix of architectural styles in Shaw is stunning—it’s been compared to waking up on the set of “Meet Me in St. Louis.” Most of the houses were built between 1880 and 1940 and run along wide, tree-lined streets. The prices of homes vary, and the neighborhood is seeing an increase in value with the renovation of historic homes and the influx of new businesses.

The Shaw Dog Park (Cleveland and Thurman) is one of the best in the city. 

It’s a safe and secure place for dogs to run, and for you to meet your neighbors. Nearby are local businesses, including neighborhood favorite Thurman Grill tavern and Restituo coffee house. Shaw Neighborhood Improvement Association (SNIA) has their office located in the same hub, and is a great resource for both new and longtime residents in the community.

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